How To Perform Travertine Tile Cleaning?

Aug 13, 2021 | Tile Cleaning

How To Perform Travertine Tile Cleaning

Travertine is a form of natural stone that is extracted from the earth and polished to use as tile flooring. Travertine tile flooring provides an architectural look to your home or office interior.

For thousands of years, it has been utilized as a natural stone for building applications. It is a popular choice due to its durability and competence.

Travertine is simply a kind of limestone that possesses some inherent weakness due to its porous property. As a result, you need to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of travertine floors. It helps to retain their robustness.

It includes long-term and regular cleaning with specific precautions taken into account while performing travertine tile cleaning. So, before deciding on any travertine flooring for your home or office, understand its basic cleaning methods.

It helps to keep your travertine floor sound and resilient. Therefore, read this blog to know the complete process of cleaning travertine floors.

How To Deep Clean Travertine Floors?

Deep cleaning and maintenance of the travertine tile floor include the steps that you need to perform for travertine stone cleaning. Below are the outlined steps for cleaning and maintaining travertine flooring.

1) Vacuum The Travertine Floor

Vacuuming can easily remove dirt and grime from your travertine floor. It smoothes the furthur travertine tile cleaning process and provides a better result. The vacuuming process can readily eliminate the fine particles and give a dirt-free floor.

2) Mopping The Travertine Floor

Use a microfibre mop with warm water to clean the travertine floor. It pulls out all the dirt and grime that settled into the travertine floor. For that, remove excess water from the mop while applying it on the travertine floor. Otherwise, it penetrates down and weakens the grout lines of the travertine stone flooring. So, dry it with the cloth to eliminate the formation of mildew and mold.

3) Prepare A Cleaner

The next step is to clean travertine floors with the right cleaner. Warm water is an effective solution that deep cleans stains and grime. Mix a mild cleaner like dish soap into the warm water for cleaning. It also cleans your travertine tile floor. Furthermore, the types of cleaners used for travertine tile cleaning play a significant role. Thus, testing is essential before jumping into any cleaning solutions or cleaner.

4) Cleaning Grout Lines

Grout cleaning is a crucial process. You need a cleaner that is not harsh and abrasive with the grout line. So, mix baking soda with water, make a paste and apply with a tiny brush. It cleans the travertine floor without scratching and damaging it. There are two types of sealant available to seal travertine floor grout lines. You can also use an approved floor sealant to refresh travertine tile.

How Do Professionals Clean Travertine Floors?

They use all the modern tools and top methods to clean your travertine tile flooring at home or office. So, employ services from certified and trained professional stone cleaning services from Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry. Our experienced staff can apply protective barriers that remove dirt and tough stains. We provide you with safe, clean, and healthy travertine tile flooring.

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