Hot Carbonating Extraction Carpet Cleaning Chicago

Cleaning your carpets with the power of carbonation!

Deep Clean Your Carpets The Help of Carbonation

We Are Out With Our Carbonating Secret!

The decades-old key to cleaning carpets at Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry’s is finally out. It’s the carbonation process that helps to deep-clean your carpets from within. The bubbles formed during the carbonation process within our organic cleaning agent The Natural® allows proper cleaning. These bubbles penetrate deep inside the carpet base while extracting out all the debris and dirt stuck to the carpet. After which, with the help of a hot water extraction method, we lift off all the murky elements and bring them to the surface. From here, with the help of our industry-grade vacuum cleaner, we remove all these dirty elements from the carpet. The method of using carbonation to clean the carpet came to us from the old DIY cleaning hack of using club soda to extract stains from clothes. Thus, this simple but effective carbonating cleaning solution cleans your carpets and upholstery well.

Carpets Remain Clean For A Long Period

With the effective use of the carbonation process, Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry is able to provide a low moisture carpet cleaning service. That’s because not much moisture is used to deep-clean the carpets or upholstery furnishings. The force of bubbles helps breakdown dirt and stains. Thus, Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry does not need to use any other cleaning agent full of harmful and toxic chemicals. Plus, any of the residue left behind after using soap draws dirt and pest alike. Thus, making the carpet dirty real fast. 

The carpet cleaner that Chem-Dry uses doesn’t have soaps, detergent, or other harmful chemicals. We provide you with an eco-friendly carpet cleaning option that is safe for a household with children and pets. Meanwhile, you also save your hard-earned cash when your carpet remains clean for a long period. Hence, you wouldn’t need the help of professional carpet cleaners so often.

Tired of Cleaning The Same Old Carpet Stains? Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry Is Here To Help You!

When you use DIY cleaning hacks, you will notice your old carpet stains returning. This happens for two factors. The first one is that you didn’t clean the carpet thoroughly and therefore they are still present. This occurs when you steam clean your carpets. The stains dissolve and penetrate even deeper inside the carpet. Thus, making a comeback once the carpet dries off. The second factor is the cleaning agent used by professional carpet cleaners while steam cleaning leaves residues behind. These draw in dirt, creating new stains on the carpet.

By using Chem-Dry’s carbonated carpet cleaning agent, Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry removes all the stains faster and effectively. To avoid spoiling the carpet, we spray very little of our cleaning agent and don’t use a high-pressure steam cleaning process. Hence, you won’t find stains to reappear soon. Nonetheless, if they do appear, inform us and we will clean the carpet till there are no more stains left. 

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