Carpet Cleaning in Evanston, IL

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When was the last time you treated your carpets to a professional cleaning? If it’s been too long to remember or your carpet has endured a lot of foot traffic, spills, and dirt, you need to schedule an appointment with Arevalo Bro’s Chem-Dry for carpet cleaning in Evanston. IL.

We have a unique approach to carpet cleaning in Evanston, IL that delivers an exceptional overall experience. Our technique uses the power of carbonation and ingredients copied from Mother Nature to make your carpets fresh and clean again. Watch the short video for an explanation of our innovative carpet cleaning method in more detail.

Why Invest In Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Our Carbonated Cleaning Solution

The Natural®, Chem-Dry’s primary carpet cleaning solution, is carbonated and uses ingredients copied from Mother Nature to make your carpets fresh and clean again. The carbonation draws dust and grime to the surface where we wipe it away. Our carpet cleaning in Evanston, IL, has been found to remove common household allergens! The good news is that in only 1-2 hours, your carpets will be clean and dry!

The Healthier, Deeper Carpet Cleaner®
in Evanston, IL

DRIER. Our carpet cleaning process uses less water than typical steam cleaning so you can get back to enjoying your home sooner.

CLEANER. Our carbonated cleaning solution is the best way to get deep into your carpet’s fibers and remove all dirt. We use powerful extraction equipment that will whisk it away for you.

HEALTHIER. We use a natural cleaning solution that is fully safe and non-toxic for your family and pets and contains no harsh soaps or chemicals. Serving Evanston and surrounding area.

Certified Carpet Cleaning Chicago

“Took an impossibly stained carpet and made it look great”

Tim J.

Our Carpet Cleaning Images!

Our Carpet Cleaning Process In Action

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