Does Vinegar Remove Pet Urine Odor?

May 13, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning

Does Vinegar Remove Pet Urine Odor

Pets! They are lovely companions and provide love and support to their owners. Although all the pets are great, there are some challenges that pet owners face on a daily basis, that is, pet urine odor. This is a major problem where pet dogs are concerned.

Moreover, being a pet parent you would be searching for some DIY methods to remove pet urine odor. Out of all such techniques, vinegar is an effective solution to eliminate foul odors in your house. But, does vinegar remove pet urine odor? To get an answer, read the below tips.   

How Will Vinegar clean Pet Urine Smell? 

When you search online for a home remedy to remove pet odor, you will find tons of suggestions, tips, and tricks. From all of them, only a few work. Using vinegar for pet urine odor removal is the best decision. While to eliminate dry urine stains, hiring pet odor removal services are a necessity

But if you want to go ahead with home remedies, then distilled white vinegar is the best solution to your problem. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and also balances out the ammonia present in pet urine. Lastly, it also eliminates dust existing on the affected surface. 

⇒ Removal of Pet Urine From Carpets

Removing pet urine from carpets is a little tricky. Here, you can use carpet cleaner mixed with vinegar. This mixture is highly effective on newly formed pet urine stains. Absorb most of the pet urine using paper towels and then spray this mixture on the remaining stain.

Rinse off the stain using lukewarm water or you can also wet vacuum the area. Either way, remove all the carpet cleaning solutions from the carpet along with the stain. In the end, use paper towels to soak in all the excess water and then let the carpet dry on its own.          

Take Aid From A Professional To Remove Pet Urine Odor From Home! 

Are you tired of pet urine odor at your home? Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry in Chicago offers effective pet urine smell removal services to help you out. We use hi-tech technology to detect and remove all pet urine stains and odor from your carpets & upholstery effectively.

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