What Is The Average Cost To Clean Commercial Carpet?

Jul 22, 2021 | Commercial Carpet Cleaning

What Is The Average Cost To Clean Commercial Carpet

When you enter a commercial building, what are the first few things you notice? The interiors, sofas, chairs, and carpets. From all of these things, carpets are the one item that gets the most amount of wear and tear.

A commercial place’s carpet needs extra care, attention, and maintenance to make your carpet last longer. If you aren’t able to keep up with the demands of cleaning the carpet, then you should hire commercial carpet cleaning.

But with hiring a professional, the cost of the service is also important. The average cost to clean commercial carpet is $.05 to $.25 per square foot. However, this cost differs in various aspects. Read below to know them.

What Does Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cost Depend On?

Regular carpet cleaning is important to keep the carpet in good shape. This way your carpet looking like new for many years to come. Most professional carpet cleaning companies offer carpet cleaning prices based on the following measures.

♦ Carpet Cleaning Method

The type of carpet cleaning method used to clean the carpet flooring determines the office carpet cleaning prices. This is because every method is unique and requires different utilities and scleansets.

♦ The Extent of Damage on The Carpet

Professional carpet cleaners inspect the carpet. This helps them to know all the problems on the carpet and find correct solutions for them. Hence, they provide the average cost of the commercial carpet after checking the extent of the damage.

♦ Mold Growth Issues

Another problem that most commercial carpets face is mold growth. Now, removing mold from the carpet requires a completely different set of products, tools, and knowledge. So, the cost of carpet cleaning changes due to it.

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