Top Tips For Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Jun 17, 2021 | Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Top Tips For Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The moment you step into your office, the first thing you notice is the dirt stains and liquid spills on your carpet. If you can notice them, then so can your clients. That is something that you wouldn’t want. Therefore, if you have carpet flooring, then you should know tips for commercial carpet cleaning to keep your carpet looking fresh and crisp.

5 Tips For Commercial Carpet Cleaning That Will Change Your Life

♦ Know What Is The Difference Between Stain & Spots

A spot if not cleaned on time becomes a stain. So, the moment it occurs, take clean towels and place them on the affected area. Make sure not to rub the spilled area, just dab it gently to absorb the excess liquid.

♦ Use Pre-Spray Cleaning For Spot Treatment

Incorrect carpet cleaning can make your carpet feel sticky right after cleaning. Being sticky makes it a hotspot for dirt, dust to accumulate. Thus, your carpet looks dirty. Here, use pre-spray to break down all the stains on the carpet.

♦ Research Well Before Investing in Expensive Cleaning Equipment

Carpets in commercial settings need regular cleaning. For this purpose, most companies invest in expensive carpet cleaning machines. But before you do that, research your carpet type and what cleaning equipment and products suit it.

♦ Pre Vacuuming Is A Must

To keep your carpet in the first-class condition, you must vacuum it daily. With daily vacuuming the carpet, not much dust can penetrate deeper into the carpet fiber and padding. This also cleans the stains present on the carpet.

Contact a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company To Clean Your Carpets!

In an office space, due to heavy traffic, the carpet gets spoiled real quick. Hence, the need for professional cleaning is high. Besides that, you also reap the benefits of commercial carpet cleaning by hiring professionals.

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning in Chicago, Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry is a leading pioneer in the industry. Our professional carpet cleaner deep-cleans your carpet and provides tips for commercial carpet cleaning and its maintenance.

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