Supreme Saltillo Tile Cleaning Service Tips To Keep Them Looking New

Jan 25, 2022 | Tile Cleaning

Supreme Saltillo Tile Cleaning Service Tips To Keep Them Looking New

Saltillo tiles are made of soft, unprocessed clay, and porous. Thus, providing you with a great tile flooring to walk on, that keeps the flooring cool during the summers and hot during the winters. Hence, many homeowners use them in balconies, verandahs, backyard, etc and they require some caution with Tile Cleaning Service.

Being made of terracotta, they come in a distinct color and give your home an old rustic look. Aside from that, they are sturdy and durable. That’s why they are preferred in regions with harsh climatic conditions such as windy, or sandy environments.

All in all, what’s important is to maintain them for the long run. For that reason, our experts have brought to you some simple Saltillo tile cleaning tips. Follow these tips to keep your tiles looking brand-new.

Simple Saltillo Tile Cleaning Tips You Must Know

1. Mop Daily

If you live in a windy or dusty place, then it’s important that you sweep your Saltillo tiles daily. This way you can keep all the filth off of the tile flooring. Use a broom to mop the tiles daily and also wet mop the tiles once a week.

2. Use Organic Cleaning Solution

Terracotta is a very delicate material. Since it’s an unprocessed clay if you were to use any harsh cleaning solution, causing severe harm to it. So for Saltillo tile cleaning, it’s best to opt for a neutral and organic cleaning solution.

3. Seal The Tiles

The reason we recommend sealing the tiles is to keep them in a tip-top state. A good sealant keeps the tiles away from harm’s way. Plus, it also protects it against dust, dirt, other pollutants, etc.

4. Look Out For Any Cracks

Though Saltillo tiles are strong, they also crumble under intense pressure or force. In case there’s a crack, debris will accumulate there. Thus, always look out for cracks and seal or repair them immediately as you spot them.

Ask Professional Saltillo Tile Cleaners For Assistance!

When it comes to professional Saltillo tile cleaning service, Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry is the one you should contact. We have the best professional tile cleaners in Chicago with experiences ranging over two decades. So if you plan to get your tiles washed professionally, contact us today!

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