Professional vs DIY Pet Odor Removal – Which Is More Better?

Sep 15, 2021 | Pet Urine Odor Removal

Professional vs DIY Pet Odor Removal

Your new house smells like dog urine regardless of how much you clean it? The reason might be the DIY kit you used to clean it. While a pet odor eliminator home remedy sounds like an easy and inexpensive decision, it cannot do a thorough job.

What homeowners fail to realize is that the damages of cleaning carpets on your own can be permanent. If you’re still torn between a professional vs DIY pet odor removal process, read the blog further.

Pros And Cons Of Professional vs DIY Pet Odor Removal


♦ Pros

1) DIY rental machines are less expensive than hiring a professional pet odor removal service.

2) These machines can remove surface-level stains and foul urine odors of your pets from the carpet.

3) If you don’t want to use harmful store-bought machines and are looking for a home remedy, vinegar is best. Vinegar can remove pet urine odor without proving fatal to your health.

♦ Cons

1) Even though the DIY kit is inexpensive, you still need to purchase the cleaning solutions and add up the driving costs.

2) Liquids like urine or any food spills can easily penetrate deep within the surface of the carpet fiber. Thus, having only surface cleaning is not enough.

3) Some DIY machines have low water pressure, so they are not able to remove the strong pet odors from your carpets. Besides that, they have weak vacuum cleaners as well, thus not adequately vacuum up the surface. This may leave you with a soggy carpet full of pet urine odors.

4) Some rental pet odor removal tools are extremely harsh. Thus, causing more damage to your carpet in the pet odor removal process.

Professional Pet Odor Removal Service

♦ Pros

1) A professional has the proper tools and knowledge to remove even the strongest urine odors of your pets.

2) As the experts have years of experience, they can easily remove the hard stains and odors from your carpet.

♦ Cons

1) The only drawback of hiring a professional service is that they have a higher cost compared to a rented DIY machine.

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

A professional carpet cleaning can bring the glory and original feel in your carpets back by using modern tools to remove pet odors. Even if it doesn’t sound like much, when you do a comparison between professional vs DIY pet odor removal, the only drawback of hiring professionals is that they cost more compared to a DIY kit. But, DIY machines give the illusion of a clean carpet, they can only rid the surface of visible dust.

However, we at Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry eradicates the pet odor through non-toxic products and also deep clean your carpets. Also, provide the affordable and quality cleaning of all stains formed on the carpets.

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