How To Clean Shower Grout Stains?

Oct 12, 2021 | Tile Cleaning

How To Clean Shower Grout Stains

Grout is one important portion of your tile flooring that needs to be deep cleaned every 4 to 6 months. It is also possible to clean grout with homemade tricks and very little hard work. If you do not thoroughly clean your grout, the white grout will turn pale yellow.

However, the grout stains on your shower appear brown in color. Many people prefer cleaning grout with bleach to remove stains easily. But, sometimes bleach can cause discoloration to your flooring or surrounded areas of grout. So, here are the best hacks on how to clean shower grout stains easily.

Top Tips To Clean Shower Grout Stains

1) Use Plain Warm Water And A Stiff Brush

Simply spray warm water around the grout and scrub it perfectly with a brush. Slowly, you will observe that all of the nasty spots from the grout will begin to rinse off gradually. Then, scrub the sticky grout stains with a stiff brush and let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with clean water again.

2) Apply Baking Soda Paste And Spray With Vinegar

If you want to clean your shower grout thoroughly, then apply the baking soda paste and cover the grout area. Put some vinegar solution into the bottle, spray it on the paste and once it stops making foam let it dry and then clean it off.

3) Do Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide

Harder stains would require you to use Hydrogen peroxide mostly available in the drug stores. You can either apply directly to the stains or you can use a paste mixing both hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Most of the professionals use this way to complete the work easily and efficiently.

4) Use Steam Mops

It is one of the best, effective and eco-friendly ways to clean grout. To keep grout clean and stain-free, use steam mops after spraying it with vinegar, also wipe it out with alcohol for better results. It requires less time and energy compared to other methods.

How Do You Get Brown Stains Out Of Grout?

The most effective way to clear brown stains is to spray the vinegar solution on it and then scrub the affected area thoroughly. However, if the stains are very hard and you find them difficult to remove with DIY tricks, then opt for the professional service. We at Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry provide the finest tile and grout cleaning services at the Chicago location. Our experts are knowledgeable to remove all harmful stains from your grout.

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