FAQ on Wood Floor Cleaning

Mar 1, 2022 | Wood Floor Cleaning

FAQ on Wood Floor Cleaning

We get a lot of wonderful inquiries for wood floor cleaning from hardwood floor users at Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry. We reasoned that if somebody wants to understand the solution, there are surely more hardwood floor homeowners who would benefit from learning more from these FAQs as well. So, here are some of the most common questions that are asked about wood floor cleaning.

Top Asked Questions On Hardwood Floor Cleaning 

ℚ: How can I prevent scratches on the wood floors?

Scratches are caused by dust and sand, therefore the greatest thing you could do is dust or hoover frequently and place rugs at entrances to catch grit. You must have felt cushions beneath the legs of furnishings and constantly lift rather than sliding them when shifting them. Also, maintain your pets’ nails to avoid scratches and marks over the floor. A hardwood floor cleaning service will suggest you have your floors refinished regularly to maintain their quality and rich appearance.

ℚ: How should I perform regular cleaning?

If your wood floor gets a lot of use (as in kitchens and dining areas), dust it every day and wash it occasionally or thrice a week. Once a fortnight or once a month should do for flooring with little activity. If you use overly excess water, the wood may get discolored and damaged. Only use a damp cloth mop. After washing with the cleaning agent, give the surface another wipe with fresh water. For a professional cleaning result, contact our wood floor cleaning service.

ℚ: Can I use household cleaning agents to clean my hardwood floors?

On your wood flooring, don’t ever apply beeswax, grease detergent, or other home cleaners. They might render reconditioning more challenging by dulling the surface. We recommend using only standardized cleaners as recommended by wood floor cleaning experts. Apply such products with a cotton dry mop on a regular basis as necessary. Contact your local professional hardwood floor cleaning expert for additional details on suitable products.

ℚ: Can I use regular furniture spray or oil for waxing my floors?

No! Oils can produce a remnant, whereas furniture sprays produce a sloppy texture, which is not ideal for a floor. Waxing takes a long time and renders it tough to re-coat. Employ an abrasion cleanser or ammonia to avoid scratching the surface or dulling the look of the flooring. Use only a floor cleaning solution that has been specifically approved for that floor. Alternatively, a bar of light soap and water would suffice. Avoid using vinegar and water on a hardwood floor since it will make it look dirty and will not eliminate developed grime. To deep clean wood floors, it is recommended that you hire a hardwood floor cleaning professional.

ℚ: How often do I need my hardwood floors professionally cleaned?

The regularity with which you should have your hardwood floors thoroughly maintained is determined by the possible treatment you select. Based on usage and the level of deterioration, we advise cleaning and refreshing your floors each 6-12 months if using a basic finish and so every 3-5 years if using a high-quality varnish. In any case, when you call our wood floor cleaning service, we will inspect and suggest the best cleaning routine.

We believe this has answered a few of your pertinent questions concerning hardwood flooring. We would like you to cherish your hardwood flooring for generations to follow at Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry. Keep visiting our blog for further facts on hardwood floor installations, maintenance, restoration, advancements, and other topics.

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